Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progress reel number 2


  1. Some good work achieved since the last reel on August 10. It's great that we can compare them on your blog.

    I like the change in sky and terratin colour as it is easier to see the character animation.

    Still not quite clear on what happens when the scorpion leaps forward the first time (I think he throws the shotgun?) Means we should work toward clear animation and that relies a lot on getting the timing sorted out a bit more.

    I didn't count the EAPS but there are quite a few more.

    This reel is developing well Olly. The music is interesting but maybe doesn't have to play all the way through?

    Keep at it. We'll see what the critique session gives you and then dig into the detail.

  2. There isn't really a change in colour, I think it's just the playblast. But Will was saying the same thing, when I come to fully rendering (can I get a hell yeah?) I will have to use brighter lighting so that he stands out more compared to the background, which gets quite dark when I take render jpgs.

    The timing also needs to be slowed down in a lot of places so that it is clearer, and thererfore more polishing/graph editing is ahead. Thats what I'm most concerned about at this stage, the locator on all rigs does strange inbetweens even when I use linear tangents so thats gonna be a challenge (and the graph editor doesn't seem to show these strange inbetweens?). I'm definatley going to need your help on that soon.

    The music is just the soundtrack I sent to the music students as "inspiration". Your right though I think it should stop (or get quiter) during the "cutscene" (21 seconds in)

    thanks for taking a look frank :)