Thursday, March 5, 2009

this is gerard. like all super heroes/villans, he fell into a vat of acid (hydrochloric or LSD... u can fill that in 4 urself:)) and hence his current... situation. His super powers include melting and keeping that melted pose. He is yet to learn to re-form solid geomterics shapes. He drives a holden commodore and works as an environmental advisor for the government with a dental plan benefit, which he finds 'insulting'. his past times include playing guitar hero and collecting post cards that his friends send him from their around the world trips.

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  1. Ah, Olly, hmmm. I love it!

    I really like that you have pushed the design. There will be some challenges modelling Gerard but you just have to choose a side to model and then work the assymetry in later.

    It is good practice to create a background story for your character. It helps the animator understand the character's motivations and consequentially how they will react and move when they are animated.