Monday, February 9, 2009

Invader ZIM! and many MORE!

heya guys

this blog is mainly a link to "surf the channel" a webiste thats kinda like a search engine for websites that collectively show literally every tv show ever produced!

It's all free of course, but the quality isnt always blue-ray, or in english, but you get what you pay for :) regardless its a great site for viewing entire seasons or just 5 mintues of any cartoon for those of us that don't feel commitied enough to buy the boxset DVDS. << will take you to Invader zim

oh and be careful, whilst the website itself is virus free, sometimes the linked websites where the actual videos are viewed can cause problems. Make sure you have some sort of internet protection. << just the home page :)

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  1. Even if you DID want to buy the box set, Good luck! They've taken them off sale, no news one when it gets back.